BrightBox research

Let's say you’re trying to find the ideal growth formula for white cabbage. You want to achieve a gorgeous glossy colour for your red lettuce crop. Perhaps you want to know how best to help a new seed flourish. Or you want to look into whether you can achieve higher yields, faster cultivation, longer shelf life, better colour, or a more compact crop form. BrightBox carries out research on assignment for and in co-operation with clients. Together, we draw up a development plan to achieve your goal. We carry out research in two climatic chambers. In four weeks we can test at least 48 growth formulas. Then you'll know the best combination of light, air, temperature, nutrition, water and substrate, and thus the best growing method to achieve your goal.

BrightBox research can answer questions, such as:
1. How can a BrightBox help to achieve reliable delivery year-round?
2. How can I shorten or lengthen my cultivation period with a BrightBox?
3. Which cultivation system do I need in a BrightBox?
4. How can a BrightBox help to produce consistent quality?
5. Can I make my crop healthier in a BrightBox by controlling nutrients ?
6. Can I acclimate my products in a BrightBox?
7. What is the shelf life of crops from the BrightBox?

Technical specifications

BrightBox research consists of two climatic chambers (research booths). Each climatic chamber contains two racks, with 3 layers per rack. Each layer has 4 cultivation tables (1.6m x 1.2m), above which the light can be independently adjusted. This means that we can test 24 light formulas simultaneously in each booth.

The total net surface area of BrightBox research is 2 x 46 = 92m2. Please contact us for more detailed specifications.