BrightBox production

BrightBox supports you from idea through to business model. We realise designs through to actualisation, within a year. One climatic chamber is completely reserved for production. We allow your plants to grow under ideal conditions on a total surface area of around 200m2, in order to demonstrate that your goal can be achieved using daylight-free multi-layer cultivation and that it's financially feasible. A showcase. Our production space allows you to validate your business model. After that it's ready to be put into practice anywhere in the world. We are able to support you with that, too.

BrightBox production can answer questions, such as:
1. Can my ideas about growing in a BrightBox be used to construct a successful business case?
2. How much water can I save by using a BrightBox?
3. What can I do with the surplus heat from a BrightBox?
4. What challenges will I encounter if I want to build my own climatic chamber?

Technical specifications

BrightBox research consists of 1 large climatic chamber. It contains 4 racks with 5 layers per rack. Each rack has a separate light formula installed. 

The total net surface area is 192m2. Please contact us for more detailed specifications.