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Working with daylight-free multi-layer cultivation

BrightBox is currently developing a tailor-made course in which we train your employees to be able to work in a climatic chamber.

Cultivation without Daylight

The controlled and programmed cultivation of plants offers new opportunities for propagation, cultivating seedlings and the production of consumer products such as leaf crops, herbs and sprouts. Perhaps even more important is what you can learn about plant cultivation from research carried out without the disruptive influence of daylight and day length. Let yourself be inspired by this new approach to plant production and the market opportunities it offers. The insights gained from this course can also be directly applied to the current horticultural industry and full-ground cultivation.

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Plant Physiology

The trend is more with less. We ask more and more of our crops: higher yield and higher quality with lower input. For optimal crop management, it is essential to have sufficient knowledge of plant physiology and functioning. This course covers the various aspects of plant physiology. Plant physiology deals with the way plants function and how they respond to changes in environmental factors such as light, water and soil.

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Business Management for Horticulture

The horticulture sector is facing major challenges: how can we innovate in production, sales or processing? How do we find potential partners? How does the business fit into an international context? Just having 'green fingers' is no longer enough: success can't be achieved without management skills. Fortunately the Business Management for Horticulture course is available. This course can teach you everything you need to know in order to create a future-proof organisation. You'll clear the way for new products, processes and revenue models.

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