About us

BrightBox – So open, so inspiring

An expertise centre for daylight-free multi-layer cultivation, i.e. city farming. That's BrightBox. By determining the ideal growing formula for a plant – light, air, temperature, nutrition, water and substrate – we achieve the best results for the client. A higher yield, for example. A lower cost price, faster production, better quality or more delicious flavour. We research, produce, teach, and share our knowledge. Unique in Europe. In a closed environment, we open up the future of food.

Why BrightBox?

Researchers predict that 70% more food will be needed in 2050 than what we need now. Because the world's population will reach 9 billion, and because global prosperity is rising and people are eating more and differently. 80% of the land that's suitable for agriculture is already in use. And the climate is changing too; all around the world, crops are being lost to extreme weather conditions.
So new, efficient production methods are needed. Like daylight-free multi-layer cultivation. This method allows you to produce wherever people are. Anywhere in the world, in any climate. It means that fresh, healthy and delicious fruit and vegetables are always close at hand. Sustainably produced, without CO2 emissions and without chemical pesticides. Because in a closed space under ideal growing conditions, diseases hardly have a chance.


BrightBox is an initiative of Botany, HAS University of Applied Sciences and Philips, in close collaboration with the Province of Limburg. All three of the initiators have years of experience in daylight-free cultivation. Together, we have built up knowledge in around 250 crops. This knowledge is combined in BrightBox. Because we already have all expertise in-house, we're able to bring innovations to the market more quickly, better and at lower cost. BrightBox is focused on research, production, training and knowledge-sharing.